On July 9th, we released 4 Vancouver Island marmots to Haley Lake Ecological Reserve. Due to the uncertain weather, we hiked the four into the Ecological Reserve. Nootka, Eleanor, Stark, and Hancock are now enjoying their new home! 

At the trailhead, we prep the marmots for their backpack ride to the Ecological Reserve.

Mike, Brianne, and Birch decide who carries a marmot, and who has to hike extra fast to scout for the current residents before the newcomers arrive. Mike takes speed hiking duty, and the rest of us put on the pack frames, marmot included.

The view at Haley Lake never gets old. Mike has found one suitable site a little ways off from the current residents, towards the middle of the frame.

The peanut butter is for the marmots not the crew! Marmots appreciate a snack to welcome them in their new homes.

Eleanor is not eager to leave the trap. It’s been a long day for her already between the drive and the hike. Mike and Brianne provide a bit of encouragement.

All the marmots are in! It’s a relief to get the pack off for a bit as we wait for the marmots to emerge.

It takes awhile for the first to appear, and it’s Stark who starts the exploration going, but he is very reluctant to leave the burrow. It’s a good sign that they are associating the burrow with safety already.

Just as we’re leaving of course, Eleanor comes out to see us off!