Meet Nicola, September’s Marmot of the Month. At 12 years old, Nicola is the eldest known wild Vancouver Island Marmot. She is now blind in one eye, and the other is becoming occluded by a cataract. Her coat shows the wear and tear of the years. Yet, amazingly, not only is she still alive, but producing pups. This year she had another litter at Mount Washington, making her truly a mother of marmots.

To those who work with her, Nicola is known as a laid-back troublemaker. She is known to wander down off the slopes of her Mount Washington home into the village area in search of… something, we aren’t sure what. However, she is so fond of peanut butter that catching her is never a problem, and the hike back up the hill does not seem to stress her at all.

Nicola is setting new records for wild marmots, and has played an important part in the early recovery of her species. We hope that she continues to do so for a few more years yet.

In the photo below, you can see Nicola’s blind, white eye if you look closely.