On World Wildlife Day, we hope the Vancouver Island Marmot’s story shares 2 important conservation lessons. 1. Don’t let wildlife species collapse. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Keep common species common. Celebrate Robins and raccoons. Conserve wolverines now. But also 2. Don’t give up hope.

In 2003, the wild Vancouver Island Marmot population was lower than 30. Today, we are happy to report that number has increased to 258. While a huge amount of work remains, and the species is still critically endangered, we have more tools and knowledge to be successful in recovering this species.

When you hear about the immense challenges facing wildlife today, know that is possible to save even the most endangered species. Protecting the world’s biodiversity must be this generation’s version of planting a forest or building a cathedral: work we begin in the hope our descendants will one day benefit.

Getting the Vancouver Island Marmot this far has taken a tremendous amount of work from so many people. Completing the job will take much more.

We are deeply indebted to our partners who labour with us: Mosaic Forest Management, Mount Washington Alpine Resort, the Calgary Zoo, the Toronto Zoo, and the Province of BC, and to the people who make our possible, including our donors, Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation, Forest Enhancement Society of BC, and the Fish & Wildlife Compensation Program. Thank you all.