Right now, in their burrows underground, female Vancouver Island Marmots are giving birth! Of course, not every marmot actually gives birth right on June 1st, but it usually happens in the two week period around this date. As we do not know the exact date of birth, we have traditionally assigned every marmot a default birthday of June 1st.

In our Marmot Recovery Centre, we can hear the soft cries of the new born pups in their nest boxes. In the wild however, we have to wait to find out who has had babies.

Whether in Centre, at Calgary or Toronto Zoo, or in the wild, for the first month we will not see any pups. They feed and grow on mother’s milk until around the beginning of July. Then, we will start to see the young weaned marmots emerge from the burrow to explore and look for food.

For now, we celebrate the birth of a new generation of Vancouver Island Marmots and look forward to the day when we can observe them in person!