Recovery Efforts

Recovering a Wild Population
The mission of the Marmot Recovery Foundation is to recover the wild population of the Vancouver Island Marmot. Significant progress has been made, but much work remains before this species will be secure in the wild.

As biologists, naturalists, and local communities realized the severe decline in the marmot population, the need for a rescue mission became apparent. As part that, the Marmot Recovery Foundation was founded in 1999 to lead on-the-ground work. Right from beginning, we recognized that we could not do this alone. We are just one among a number of partners and stakeholders participating in the marmot’s recovery. Other partners include the Province of B.C., landowner Mosaic Forest Management, Mount Washington Alpine Resort, and the Recovery Team. The Toronto Zoo and Calgary Zoo play critical roles, hosting the captive breeding program and providing expertise in caring for wildlife in captivity.

Within this partnership, the Foundation supports the implementation of the recovery objectives as established by the Recovery Team and the Recovery Plan through the support of the field team, Mount Washington Tony Barrett Marmot Recovery Centre, research, public awareness, and fundraising programs. In effect, the Foundation delivers the on-the-ground work component as well as funding to support the marmot’s recovery.


Executive Director
Adam Taylor
Adam joined the Marmot Recovery Foundation after years of leadership in British Columbia's land trust community. There, he had the opportunity to manage and participate in a range of species recovery programs, include work on endangered bats, snakes, slugs, and turtles. "The opportunity to work with a species that is so unique to our community, and so close to extinction, is special to me," says Taylor.
Office & Donor Coordinator
Kim Metz
Many of you have spoken or written with Kim over her more than 15 years with the Foundation! Her friendly voice has helped many people support the marmots, and connected them with a special marmot to adopt or share with a loved one.
Field Coordinator
Cheyney Jackson, MSc.
Just over a decade ago, Cheyney took a summer position with the marmot project, and she hasn't looked back since. Her Master's thesis examined the best approach to releasing marmots, and she has since co-authored several papers on marmot recovery efforts. She oversees the Field Team and coordinates with partners and the Recovery Team to carry out recovery efforts in the marmot's natural habitat.
Dr. Malcolm McAdie, DVM, MSc.
Malcolm has worked with the Vancouver Island Marmots since recovery efforts began. He currently oversees all the Foundation's captive breeding and marmot care at the Tony Barrett Mount Washington Marmot Recovery Centre, and any handling of marmots that occurs in the wild, such as releases and rescues. In addition to his work on Vancouver Island Marmots, Malcolm works with other marmot species, fishers, ducks, and more.
Field Crew
Amanda, Brittany, Chris, Jacob, Kayla, Kevin
Our 2021 Field Crew are Wildlife Technicians Amanda Carriere, Chris McAulay, Kayla Zaretzki, and Kevin Gourlay, and Marmot Keeper Brittany Cooke. We are also pleased to joined by field teams from the Calgary Zoo and Vancouver Island University this year.

Board of Directors

Randal Lake
Randal Lake works with the Canadian Wildlife Service, Environment & Climate Change Canada.
Secretary & Treasurer
Stuart Prescott
Stuart Prescott is an independent CPA and business owner.
Recovery Team Chair
Sean Pendergast
Sean Pendergast is a biologist with Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations, and Rural Development, and the Chair of the Recovery Team.
Domenico Iannidinardo
Domenico Iannidinardo is a professional biologist and forester, Vice President of Forest & Logistics and Chief Forester for Mosaic Forest Management.
Sharon Hadway
Sharon Hadway is the Regional Executive Director of West Coast Operations for the Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations, and Rural Development.
Jasmine Janes
Dr. Janes is a Assistant Professor in Plant Ecology/Genomics at Vancouver Island University, Adjunct at The University of New England (Australia), and an Honorary Research Associate at the University of British Columbia.
Dean Prentice
Dean Prentice is the General Manager of Mount Washington Alpine Resort.