• Canada's Most Endangered Mammal

    The Vancouver Island Marmot needs your help.
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Latest NewsKeep up with Recovery Efforts

Follow our Updates for the latest news from the wild on the recovery of our marmot. While the marmots hibernate seven months of the year, there is always work going on.

Whether you want more pictures, more science, or more stories about individual marmots, we encourage you to keep up to date!

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Keep up with the latest news on our efforts to save this unique species.



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  • Donate Now

    The Vancouver Island Marmot needs your help.
    Your donation helps the Marmot Recovery Foundation bring one of the most endangered animals in the world back from the brink of extinction.
    The Vancouver Island Marmot lives only in Canada, and is just one of five mammals to occur nowhere else in the world.
    Your donation support the releasing captive bred marmots into the wild and monitoring of wild populations.
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  • Adopt a Marmot

    When you join the Adopt-a-Marmot Club, you help protect the endangered Vancouver Island marmot every day of the year.
    Pre-arranged monthly gifts are a convenient way to help save this beautiful Canadian marmot from extinction.

    When you adopt a marmot you will receive a personalized marmot adoption certificate, and more...
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  • Community Efforts

    It takes a community to save a species.
    We could not succeed alone. Here are some recent examples of the many ways people are rallying to help save our enigmatic marmot.
    Glen Husband, president of the TELUS Ambassadors Nanaimo Branch, presents a big cheque to Don Doyle, Chair of the Marmot Recovery Team
    from the TELUS Employees Matching Contributions Program to help with recovery efforts.
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