A welcome surprise for our recovery effort is the discovery of a thriving colony at Mount Arrowsmith. While we knew there were a few marmots in the Mount Arrowsmith Biosphere Reserve, we had only ever observed one emergence hole. This signaled to us that likely the colony was small. We were surprised in early 2018 when hikers began reporting marmots on Mount Arrowsmith, and even more surprised when we counted 12 pups and 6 adults spread across three locations on the mountain! We prioritized getting some marmots tagged so that we could start keeping better track of this successful colony. 

This is just one of the curious pups that greeted our field crew. We do not tag pups, but the adults, wisely, are more cautious. 

A couple of the young pups, just outside their burrow.  This burrow itself is hidden in the grass, but not all of the marmots’ hidey-holes are so difficult to spot. The Field Crew usually look for a “front porch” of rock and soil made by the marmots when they dig their burrow. This pair have an extra well-hidden burrow – if only they would use it!