That’s a wrap on our 2022 Field Season! Last week, the crew got caught by snowstorm on Heather Mountain. They stashed gear and hiked 3 hours out to get back to the trucks.
The very next day, this hardy crew were ready to get right back to the mountain! So yesterday, they were back to the finish restoration work and pick up gear. Fortunately, it was sunny – very chilly though!
At the time, we figured that accumulating snow and colder temperatures indicated it was time to let the marmots and mountains sleep for the winter.
However, a brief warm spell in the mountain made it possible for us to get one more day of work in! Another colony restored! But now, we are really done. Honest. At least, for now. We’re warming the hot chocolate  and turning our attention to the thousands of photos and videos taken by our camera traps, and to the marmots in our care at the Tony Barrett Mount Washington Marmot Recovery Centre.
What an incredible crew! They accomplished so much work this fall under very challenging conditions. The result of their hard work is that next spring the marmots will emerge to more open meadows, where they will have better chance of surviving and thriving.