We haven’t shared much recently! It’s not because we haven’t been busy, in fact the opposite! We’ve been monitoring and releasing marmots in Strathcona Park. We’ll have more to share on that once the teams come out of the Park (its been a looong week!). But in meantime, recently released marmot Quill has been keeping our Marmot Keeper, Jordyn Alger, busy too!

Quill was released to the wild colony at Mount Washington a few weeks ago, but he showed up again outside the Tony Barrett Mount Washington Marmot Recovery Centre last week and spent the day running up and down next to the outside enclosures and saying hi to all his old friends. Jordyn decided it was not a great situation for Quill, and trapped him, (with the help of a carrot). Back in the facility, she put Quill in with Sandi, an orphan yearling marmot (her mother Amidala was a cougar mortality last year and she has been alone ever since).

The two have become best friends. Jordyn sees them grooming each other sometimes, and even sharing their food (that’s saying a lot for a marmot).

The plan is to release them together on the hill once they are ready.