Our 2020 Vancouver Island Marmot Annual Report is ready! While this report is primarily intended for partners in the Vancouver Island Marmot recovery effort to facilitate the planning of activities for 2021, others may find it informative or useful for research.

Our attention is focused on the field season rapidly approaching, and part of preparing for this year is looking back at years past and lessons learned.

We are excited to get started with this year’s work, though the marmots are not expected to emerge from hibernation for another month. Once they do, we plan to ready to hit the ground running. We’ll have our work cut out for us preparing 33 marmots for release – the most in nearly decade – plus translocations, monitoring, supplemental feeding, and everything else. The field crew and marmot care staff will be busy!

You can download the report from https://www.marmots.org/attach…/2020_MRF_Annual_Report.pdf